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Post offices & services

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Universal Postal Union(in English and French)

Global Address Data Association(in English)

CEPT(in English) - The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations - the organisation dealing with the governmental side of European postal matters.

PostEurop - Association of European Public Postal Operators(in English and French)

Addresses of Post Offices(in English) - philately.

International Post Corporation- 23 members (national postal services), handling almost 80% of the World's postal traffic English) - Check this page regularly for information about changes in postal services throughout the World.

PostCom, Association for Postal Commerce(in English) - Check this page regularly for information about changes in postal services throughout the World. >Royal Mail(in English) - Choose International Incident Bulletin for detailed information of postal disruption throughout the world.

UPAEP - Postal Union of the America, Spain and Portugal(in Spanish) - postal members belong to Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal.

Aland Islands(in Swedish, Finnish, English, German, French).

Albania(in Albanian).

Algeria(in French).

Anguilla(in English)- (mainly philately)

Argentina(in Spanish)

Armenia(in English and Armenian).

Ascension Island(in English) (mainly philately).

Australia(in English).

Austria(in German) -

Bangladesh(in English and Bengali)

Belarus(in Belorussian)

Belarus(in English)- choose Eng, well-hidden at the top of the screen.

Belgium(in Flemish, French, German and English).

Bermuda(in English)

Bolivia(in Spanish)

Bosnia-Hercegovina(in English)- BH Posta

Bosnia-Hercegovina(in Bosnian)- BH Posta

Bosnia-Hercegovina(in Croat)-Hrvatska poštaMostar- covering the Croat part of the federation.

Bosnia-Hercegovina(in English)-Hrvatska poštaMostar- covering the Croat part of the federation.

Botswana(in English)

British Military Forces Overseas(BFPO, in English)

Brunei Darussalam(in English) - Postal Services Department

Bulgaria- (in English and Bulgarian)

Burkina Faso- (in French)- Sonapost

Cambodia(in English) - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Canada(in English or French).

Cape Verde(in Portuguese)

Chile(in Spanish)

Colombia(in Spanish) - 4-72

Costa Rica(in Spanish)

Costa Rica(in English).

Croatia(in Croatian)

Croatia(in English).

Cyprus(in English).

Cyprus(in Greek).

Czech Republic(in Czech).

Czech Republic(in English).

Denmark(in Danish)

Denmark(in English).

Dominican Republic(in Spanish).

>Egypt (in English)

>Egypt(in Arabic)

Estonia(in Estonian)

Faeroe Islands(in Faeroese) - Postverk Føroya

Faeroe Islands(Philately - in Faeroese, English, French, German and Danish)

Fiji(in English)

Finland(in Finnish)

Finland(in English)

Finland(in Swedish)

France(in French)

French Southern and Antarctic Territories(in French) - philately.

French Polynesia(in French) - Office des Postes & Télécommunications de Polynésie Française

French Polynesia(in English) - Office des Postes & Télécommunications de Polynésie Française.

French Polynesia(in Tahitian) - Office des Postes & Télécommunications de Polynésie Française.

Gambia(in English)- Department of Post.

Gibraltar(in English).

Greece(Choose English or Greek) - Elta - Hellenic Post

Greenland(in Danish and English) - Post Greenland.

Guatemala(in Spanish) - El Correo.

Guernsey(Channel Islands) (in English) - mainly philately

Guernsey(Channel Islands) (in English)

Honduras(in Spanish).

Hong Kong(in English).

Hong Kong(in Chinese).

Hungary(in Hungarian)

Iceland(in Icelandic).

Iceland(in English).

India(in English).

Indonesia(in English) - Indonesian philately site

Ireland(in English and Irish) (An Post)

Isle of Man(in English) - the official site, mainly philately.

Isle of Man(in English)

Italy(in Italian)

Italy(in English)

Jamaica(in English)

Japan - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications(in Japanese)

Japan - Ministry of Post and Telecommunications(in English)

Japan - Post Office(in Japanese).

Japan - Post Office(in English).

Japan - Guide to Japan Post- (in English)

Japan - Guide to Japan Post- (in German)

Jersey(Channel Islands) (in English)

Jordan(in English) - Jordan Post

Jordan(in Arabic) - Jordan Post

Kazakhstan(in Kazakh, Russian, English and French) - Kazpost.

Kenya(in English)

Kosovo- (in Albanian, Serbian or English).

Kuwait- (in Arabic) - Ministry of Communications, postal section

Latvia- (in English) - Latvijas Pasts.

Latvia- (in Russian) - Latvijas Pasts.

Lebanon(in English)- Ministry of Telecommunications.

Lebanon(in English).

Lebanon(in Arabic).

Liechtenstein(in German)- Liechtensteinische Post AG

Lithuania- (in English).

Lithuania- (in Lithuanian).

Luxembourg- (in English) - (mainly telecommunications)

Luxembourg- (in French) - Postal division

Madagascar(in French) - Paositra Malagasy.

Maldives(in English)

Malta(in English)

Mauritania(in French and Arabic)- Société Mauritanienne des Postes

Mauritius(in English)- Mauritius Post

Mexico- (in Spanish) - Servicio Postal Mexicano.

Moldova- (in Moldovan/Romanian, Russian and English)- Posta Moldovei

Mozambique- (in Portuguese).

Namibia(in English)

The Netherlands- PostNL(in English).

The Netherlands- TNT Group(mothercompanyof PostNL) - (in English)

The Netherlands- TNT Group(mothercompanyofPostNL) - (in Dutch)

Netherlands Antilles(in English) - Post Netherlands Antilles.

New Caledonia(in French) - Office des Postes et Telecommunications

New Zealand(in English).

Nigeria(in English).

Norfolk Island(in English) - philately.

Norway(in Norwegian and English)

PalestinianNationalAuthority(GazaStripandWestBank)- (in Arabic)

Papua New Guinea- (in English) - Post PNG Ltd.

Paraguay- (in Spanish).

Peru- (in Spanish) (Ministry of Communications) (click on Servios Postales for Post Office page)

Peru- (in Spanish) (Serpost, Servicios Postales del Perú, S.A.).

Philippines(in English).

Polandwww - (in Polish)

Portugal(in Portuguese)

Qatar(in English)

Qatar(in Arabic)

Russia(in Russian)- IPOM

Russia(in Russian)- Russian Post.

Russia - Orel Province area(in Russian)

Russia - St Petersburg area(in Russian)

St Helena(in English)- Post Office

St Helena(in English)- Government - Postal

Saudi Arabia(in Arabic).

Saudi Arabia(in English).

Senegal(in French)

Serbia(in Serbian, Latin script).

Singapore(in English)

Slovakia(in Slovakian)

Slovenia(in English or Slovenian).

Slovenia(in English or Slovenian) - Ministry of Transport, Post and Telecommunications

South Africa(in English)

Spain(in Spanish)

SriLanka(in English).

Swaziland(in English)

Sweden(in Swedish)- Posten

Sweden(in English) - Posten.

Sweden(in Swedish)- Post och Telestyrelsen (National Post and Telecommunications Agency).

Sweden(in English)- Post och Telestyrelsen (National Post and Telecommunications Agency).

Switzerland(in German, French, Italian and English)

Syria(in English or Arabic)

Taiwan(in English).

Taiwan(in Chinese)

Tajikistan(in Russian) - Tajik Post

Tanzania(in English)

Thailand(in Thai).Thailand Post.

Togo(in French)- La Poste.

Trinidad & Tobago(in English)- Trinidad & Tobago Postal Corporation.

Trinidad & Tobago(in English)- a list of post offices in Trinidad & Tobago.

Tunisia(in French) - The Post Office.

Ukraine(in Ukrainian, Russian and English) - UkrPost.

United Arab Emirates(in English) - Emirates Post.

United Arab Emirates(in Arabic) - Emirates Post.

United Kingdom(in English) - The Post Office.

United Kingdom(in Welsh) - The Royal Mail.

United Nations- ! - in English, French and German

United States of America(in English) - USPS.

Uruguay(in Spanish)

Uzbekistan(in Russian and Uzbek) - Post of Uzbekistan

Vanuatu(in English) - Vanuatu Post Ltd



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